Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Tuesday @ 2:00

This is the second in a two part series based on "Happy Tuesday." To read Part I, which sets the stage.... CLICK HERE.

The power of positive thinking tells us that we can do the virtually impossible. Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing is for sure, the gang here at Desert Gold in Brenda, Arizona, can use it to take an ordinary day of the week and make it anything but! Welcome to Happy Tuesday!

We gather at the big tent. It's a something by something tent that provides shade when it's needed, protection from the wind when it's needed, and a safe haven for the bar, the condiments, the paper goods, some cooking space, and all sorts of items that would otherwise need to be dragged in and packed away after each gathering were it held out in the open. And it provides shelter from the rain. But then, much as I hate to say it to those of you who have had a very "weather" kind of year- we haven't seen a drop of the stuff since mid December when we came out this way. Maybe not you want to hear; but just sayin'.

Whatever other activities may be on the docket for the day, one thing is constant: Dinner is at 2:00. It's a pot luck. Maybe more like a buffet. Everyone brings something and everything they bring is good! Really good! Entres. Veggies. Novelty "tastes." Desserts." Be still, my heart!

It may be 5 o'clock somewhere. It may be Happy Hour for parrot-heads in Margarita-ville. But in Brenda, it is Happy Tuesday, so the select drink specialty of the day is served as an appetizer to the buffet line. Today's specialty item- lemonade. Lemons from a full bag of fresh ones. Sugar from a big bowl. Ice from a freezer chest. And vodka... from, well, a bottle of vodka. Not too much. Just enough to make you feel like an adult. Flavor? Sip it slow and wait for the glow. Lynn transports his "Chicken" grilling skills to the "Brenda Blenda" and presto- out pours a desert smoothy of extraordinary richness.

It's a regular gathering of friends for good times and good eats. A day without pressure. A "timeout" for seniors. A day for the young at heart to "play" their age, not act it. And it's downright fun.

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