Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beach Turkey II

Just about time to say good-bye to another round of Thanksgiving On The Beach. We first joined our friends and former neighbors last year to join in celebrating Thanksgiving On The Beach here at Ft. Myers Beach. Click here to see last year's report. And here's a little more from last year: Try This.

The weather this year was sensational; maybe even perfect. 80's every day. No rain. Few clouds. If it gets any better, I couldn't tell you how. We took minimum 1 hour walks on the beach- thus beginning our new "non-mining fitness program." That felt good and no one on the beach seemed to object to me in beach-ware. Ha!

So here are some slides of things we saw and did this year- look for the captions where necessary:

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a first time reader of your blog and myslef and RV traveler. I was reading about your log home interest, I have some first hand experience with them. I have built 2, 1 at just over 5000sq' and our current home at just over 1800sq'. I have a couple of suggestions, Think overhangs. Try to cover as much from the weather as possiable, and find the longest log supplier and try to reduce logs seems. Exterior maintenance is always present. And yes we love our home. Its like living on vacation year round.