Friday, March 12, 2010

Cape Coral Karl's Drive By

I was working away at wrapping up the post before this one. Had only a few clicks to go. The phone rang.

"Greg, where are you?"

It was our friend from the old "hood", Cape Coral Karl. (see more pics of Karl and the gang on the preceding post link) Seems he brought some of his visiting family down to Everglades City to take them for an air boat ride, and when he realized the boat launch was across from an RV park, albeit a beautiful but mostly empty one, he got to thinking that he'd seen on the blog that we had been in the area- somewhere.

"Where are you?"

A few questions told me he was pretty close by. I stepped outside.

"Hey, are you standing outside the rig?"

Yep. Across the river and a hundred yards down. A wave. They were here in minutes. A quick "house tour"- the kids wanted to see the "basement" and the slides go in and out- then off to grab a bite for lunch. The Camellia Street Grill is close by too.

Here's a picture of where we had hoped to sit and eat outside by the water taken from inside. Within minutes, the storm watch we were under decided to deliver on its promise and the downpour began. So we sat inside to eat and the flash on the camera wasn't behaving so we took a parting shot outside in the bar area to try, however hopelessly, to stay dry. We did get the shot. But to be sure- we did get wet. Still it was an unexpected surprise (aren't all surprises unexpected???) and it was a lot of fun. Always glad to have visitors!

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