Friday, February 26, 2010

Prospecting The Everglades

Your best chance for finding gold in the Everglades is in the color of the sunset, not in your pan. But we managed to strike gold today when our friends Stonewall Gene and Jules dropped by unexpectedly for a visit. We'd been trying to hook up with them down here for months now- ever since we parted company after working the creek at Vein Mountain, North Carolina. Rain, wind, cold, snow, and business obligations have been keeping us from getting together for months now. You'll note from the picture that the girls are wrapped in their blankets, so no heat wave happening here today. Mountain Man Stonewall? Well, it was "shorts" weather for him, rugged outdoors prospector that he is! A full moon rose high above the highest palms across the sky as if to join us sitting on the seawall to watch the sunset....which of course, was mostly gold.

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