Friday, August 7, 2009

That Was Then Again

It's all about the moose right now, but two years ago on the spit in Homer, Alaska it was all about the salmon and the eagles. We took a day trip to Seldovia as well and it was all worth another look to be sure: Salmon On The Spit

S'More Friends: Big kid Marilyn makes friends with the triplets in the Prevost next door on the Spit in Homer and the gang whips up some campfire specialty sweets!

Cold, Wet, and Clammy: We take our "clam gun" and head out onto the flats of Ninilchik stalking the wild Alaskan Razor Clam and come back with a heap o' good eats!

It does my heart good to be recalling these special moments from our 07 trip. Sure hope you are re-enjoying the adventure as much as we are....

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squawmama said...

Thanks for sharing your memories... We can't wait to get there next summer.

Have fun & safe travels