Friday, August 7, 2009

Riding Chicken Ridge

Been hot! Been dry and getting drier by the day. There are some days when you just can't prospect in a particular manner of choice because there isn't enough water running in the creek. I have a friend (yes, you "Choan") that I call "the rainmaker". Usually she sends us way too much rain and it got to the point where we had to tell her "Enough already!" Although now, Joan, you need to quit holding out on us because time is running out big time and I NEED the water in the creek if there is to be even a chance of completing the appointed mission of gold acquisition for this summer. So now, going the other way please: "Enough already! And yes, it IS a no win world at times and first we want it one way and now we want it another way, but after all, YOU are the rainmaker, so please to get with the program!

But no mining; no problem! Trail riding. So we headed out of Dodge (that would be Chicken Dodge) to ride the Chicken Ridge or at least the first 8 - 10 miles of it. Venture further away as time and comfort permits. First we headed down to the valley to see the Mosquito River below camp. Low water, but beautiful none-the-less. Clear. Cold. Then headed down the Taylor Highway for a mile or so until the trail headed off and up the hills to the ridge itself. First through heavily treed forest. Then through a section of burnout from the 04 fire- still mostly unrecovered excepting for the fireweed. Eerie and beautiful surroundings all at one time. Moose on the trail, the road and even in the burnout stands. Vista views of the Mosquito where we had launched our ride only an hour or so ago. Perspective changes with elevation. Macro and micro combine to provide the full picture of the time and place. Here's a little sample of the ride up Chicken Ridge:

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