Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Raw Footage

Sometimes when the news or a good story is happening way too fast for editing the network puts what they call "raw Footage" on the monitor. They tell you a little bit about what is going on and the pictures tell you the rest of the story. That's pretty much how it feels in Chicken right now. We've been busy. First getting the camp ready for the official opening. Then making sure planned improvements get made. Then taking care of guests...and within two weeks of the official opening pulling off one of the main events of the season: Chickenstock, Music Festival on the Top of the World ( a play on Woodstock Music Festival for those of you too young or too old to get it). Except this is a Bluegrass event and not rock and roll, heavy metal, psychedelic, or any of that other stuff. And even in this tiny town, yes, it IS a big deal. People came from hundreds of miles away, not to mention those from the lower 48 who traveled thousands of miles to attend this high energy but laid back concert. A year of planning on the part of Mike and Lou and most especially Josea came to fruition with the aid of many of their friends, the entire staff here and a lot of other community volunteers. Some sunshine. Some rain. A bit of wind. Some warm. Some cold. And none of that mattered because everyone was just plain having a genuinely fine time of it all. I don't know the financial numbers for the festival itself, but judging by what we saw all went well. I know that part of the profits were to benefit the Rebuild Eagle Fund and on that account I am sure we did well. Any of our readers that would like to contribute to this cause - helping to rebuild not only the homes and businesses but the lives of these very fine folks, most of who lost just about everything they had built over a lifetime and beyond can go on line for more information to:


I will tell you that after meeting and speaking with some of these strong but hurting individuals from Eagle, that our own check went in the basket and we set out to see what else we could do to help. You say times are hard? Because it hurts to fill the gas tank, or buy the heating oil, or maybe you even lost a job? Just imagine if you car was gone, your house was gone, your business was gone, your job was gone.... Get the picture? Trust me there are no FEMA trailers here. If you can find a way to help, please do so. If you don't wish to do so on line, you can send a check or whatever you can to:

Chicken Gold Camp Rebuild Eagle Fund
C/O Postmaster
Chicken, Alaska

But back to Chickenstock. What a concept. A music festival on the Top of the World! Where it's light all night long. You can play and dance til three in the morning and not even have a clue what time it is. A big deal? Sure but nothing that can't be handled if everyone involved is willing to put in a couple 18 hour days to get ready and hold the event. And so we did. And what a fine time we all had. As for the "raw footage"-if I can just get the photos to upload, I'll give you the slide show, pure and simple, blurry shots and all just so you get a feel for the event....because right now I don't have whole lot of energy to do anything else. Raw footage it is!

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squawmama said...

Thanks Greg for such a wonderful update on what you're doing & seeing... We are full timers and next summers will be the year of our Alaskan adventure... We have read all your post and you're doing a great job keeping us informed. Have fun and travel safe.