Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Raw Footage, The Sequel

Here's a note to the last post: I have no idea how it ever posted. I'd waited until well after 11:00PM, the hour at which we don't get FAPPED for file uploading etc. I worked for over two and a half hours on the combination of the photo loading and the text for the post. But when the time came to actually put the post together- nothing. No uploading. No internet availability. No response from Blogger, even though I was connected. Zero. Zip. I tried over and over every trick I have to get reconnected and finish the process, but early in the morning I gave up (something I hate to do- ever) and went to bed, disgruntled with the idea that the entire piece would need to be re-written in the morning and the photos dealt with as best I could. The night felt like it had been a total bust. But this morning when I turned on the computer, everything "resumed" on auto pilot where I had finished trying last night. Not only that, but when I checked mail I actually had a comment on the piece I had intended to post- Raw Footage. How that ever went to post I have no clue. Even the photos began uploading without prompt. That just doesn't happen! Only it did on this occasion. So stopping just short of miraculous, there was no raw footage (that is to say the slide show I had worked on), so here it comes now. I think! I hope. maybe a prayer thrown in for extra assisitance.....

I only repositioned one shot for the show- the rainbow that will appear (he said hopefully) at the end of the show. I was shooting with multiple cameras at various times and weather conditions so the sequence is broken on a lot of the material. But the rainbow really did come at the end of the festival and it was fitting. Not because the rain was ending necessarily but because of all the hard work that will justly benefit the people of Eagle as a result of the generosity of many, but most especially on the part of the Busbys who own and operate The Chicken Gold camp and Outpost. Whether there is a pot of gold at the end of their rainbow, even here in gold country Alaska, noone can say for sure. But one thing is certain: They have some mighty fine people up here who care a lot about them and will do what they can to help.

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Stonewall said...

Looked like a great hope Jules and I get to go sometime!!