Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pillow Talk

Not that it has anything to do with anything, but back when I was in high school, I "starred" in a drama club presentation of "Pillow Talk" - a wonderful piece of theater that took me further into drama in school, and then eventually into the role of drama coach as a teacher in Maine quite a few years later. It (the flare for drama) was evidently in my sole and being, as even my parents called me "John Barrymore" more often than they called me by my given name. Whether being dramatic is a skill or a curse, I will leave you to decide, but I have always been comfortable with that attribute and used it for the good when ever possible. But as I say, that has nothing to do with this post, excepting for coming up with the title and the lead. At my age, "Pillow Talk" has more to do with sewing than romancing, excepting to say what a great job Marilyn has been doing with her mother's vintage sewing machine, which, as I have previously mentioned, is now a functioning part of our coach equipment. And to that end, she has been working diligently at realizing her design concept for the coach- something that got placed on the back burner until we found ourselves with some "down" time when things like this can be worked on. She started by making a new bed for Abby, two of them actually, which we, and Abby to be sure, like much better than the old and functional, but artistically unacceptable one we used up until now. Then she started on a few pillows for the sofas and bed that added some pizazz to the color scheme we had to work with. After hours in the fabric section, material was selected and the project got off the ground, and after a few days of concentrated effort sandwiched in between retrieving tax records and other mundane tasks, the mission was accomplished in great style. We are both pleased with the results and think that surely "mom" is happy as well.
Like I said, she did a great job! So great in fact that I "let" her sew a padded vinyl, custom cut and shaped, draw-stringed, very classy indeed cover for my table top grill! Now those of you who travel know that much of what you see in the possession of other campers looks a whole lot like what you have. That's because you all bought it at camping world or the like. But me? I got a "cool" grill cover hand made by my personal seamstress.....and I feel special!

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