Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Family Fun In Feb

Cosmic Ken and Linda "flew" over from their winter perch in Orlando to help us welcome Betty (Marilyn's little sister) and husband David to Tampa, where we had a miniature family reunion and a great afternoon visit and dinner with them. They are based in Maine, where we expect to be headed this coming summer, but it was their first visit to the coach and we were delighted to see them both and give them the tour. It's always interesting to get people's reactions to the RV world when they have no previous introduction to it.
I've had a warm fuzzy feeling for Bet ever since the first time I met her. She is bright, sensitive, thoughtful, and as non-judgmental as a human being can be. Besides, she has a fantastically dry sense of humor that I really and truly appreciate. A visit with her brings out both the inner AND the outer child in me, and for that above all I love to see her when we get a chance- which isn't nearly often enough.
And those of you who have said how much you have enjoyed meeting and reading about "the family," can gear up for meeting Marilyn's other sister, the middle sister, Julie, in a couple months when we travel to PA and get a chance to see her run her champion dogs in agility trials in Harrisburg.
For David and me - nice to have the girls "look up to us." Yea, uh, huh....

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