Monday, February 10, 2014

The Final Chapter

The final chapter has yet to be written, and despite the title here, this isn't it! But just as an update for those who have expressed interest and/or concern- YES, we did take the rig off the road and YES we did buy a home and a piece of land in Sequim, Washington. Full timing is definitely behind us at this point. The coach is parked out back, plugged into 50 amp service and full hookup, while we clean and get it ready for sale- a process that is nearly complete. EVERYTHING is in excellent working condition, and looking pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. Price and details will follow in the next few days, so if you or someone you know has any interest, that would be the time to let us know. Stay tuned!


diane-j-m said...

Hi Greg & Marilyn, Congrats on your new home in Sequim. We stayed there we we took a tour through that area. We really enjoyed our stay there and found out that is a great place for retire who want good weather with the least amount of rain for the area. Good luck on the sell of your motor home and your new adventures in Washington. Hope you give us a update on your new home and what adventures you two are up to in your permanent spot. I know you two are not sitting in rocking chairs on the front porch and are very busy doing something.

Dave Burdick ( said...

I wondered what was up...have followed you for years, don't think I ever made a comment before. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing. --Dave (

Tapper Lans said...

My, my...the end of an era! And such memories!