Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Welcoming Committee

We hit the coast of Oregon after traveling a roundabout trail down from Grants Pass. It was a nice ride on a lovely day. The first roadside pull-off we came upon, we pulled off for a few pictures and a nice deep breath of the fresh salt air. Always good to be back on the ocean. We got back on the road towards the campground but hadn't traveled more that another 10 or 15 minutes when my eye caught the telltale spray of a whale just outside the surf below us. We pulled over again and jumped out. Sure enough there was a whale right below us and he popped up a number of times for photo ops. Never showed his tale or blew again that I could catch, but the evidence is here for all to see. What a welcoming committee!

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keyward9 said...

That was sort of my experience when I saw whales in Oregon. I was trying to take photos when it would have been much smarter to shoot with video in that instance. I LOVE Oregon!

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