Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Time 2012

Some construction projects at our annual site, some good food in the tent with our friends, some wildlife around camp, and a few specially conceived Christmas present for "them that deserved em." It was another good season of the year in Arizona. Nationwide we go into the new year with the same political crap of the old year, and facing the prospects that even if a "deal" is agreed to, we just may wind up worse off than if one isn't reached. We have to swallow hard to keep a positive attitude, but there are some things more important than all that, I guess, and we just have to try to zero in on those aspects of our lives.

For us personally, it was a marvelous year. For our coach, it was a piss poor year, which forced us to deal with our own budget at the same time we fretted about the country's. Still, nothing exists in a vacuum, so we try our level best to keep an eye on everything. And enjoy life all the while. Sometimes that is easier than other times.

 Linda starts the pot of beans for Christmas dinner in the tent.
Barlow is gifted a block of wood for under the gas pedal of his Ranger to keep him from speeding (anything over 10 mph) in the park.
 We bubble wrapped Franny to keep her from bruising herself any further. Now there's a Christmas present you won't see very often.
 "Ma and Pa"- a sculpture we made to hang in our garden with a couple cow bells from my parent's house.
 Marilyn stains one of the two new plant benches we built
 And the hummers partied on.....

To end the year, just a few pics and couple slide shows of life here in the winter.....

Happy New Year to you and yours! See you in the new year!

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