Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Buckaroo Bob and Prescious Polly

Back quite a ways when we first started our great RV adventure, we met Bob and Polly in Wachula, FL. They have been dear friends ever since and we have hooked up with them and their many friends all across the country- this time in Thane Wyoming, where they have established a "summer residence." Great place. Fly fish the Snake River. Do some white water rafting. ATV ride the many trails though the mountains and along the many rivers. Take a gondola ride to a mountain top cafe in Jackson Hole. Plenty of fun stuff to do and we did as much of that as we could in the allotted week there. Plus- Bob helped my a great deal with figuring out what is going on with many of the recent issues of our coach- he used to have the same make and model. Much appreciated. Images from Thane, Wyoming and Jackson Hole.


Chris Guld said...

Hey Greg and Marilyn, Bob and Polly! Looks awesome. Wish we were there, we're in a mountain deficit situation. Florida again this winter. Hope to see you again down the road!
Chris and Jim

diane-j-m said...

Hi Greg and Marilyn, We have not heard anything from you on blogger. Hope all is well and you both are safe and OK. It's time to blog again if you both are still kicking!