Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sea-food And Eat It

A day after the Great American Chinook Adventure with Bill and Kay, we headed out early with our other neighbors at Paradise Cove on Nehalem Bay, Joe and Diane, to do a training run with Joe who was anxious to try his hand at clamming. We all limited out on our clams, got dirty and wet, and had a blast. We found both softshell steamer clams and Purple Varnish clams. By the time we got home, the caviar I had started the day before was ready and so we gave it a try. Excellento! Then we prepared some salmon fillet trimmings, collars and salmon belly for the smoker while we soaked the clams in cold water to get some of the grit out. When the salmon bits came out of the smoker about an hour and a half later we all got together and sampled them and they were, in my humble opinion, superb! We are having absolutely the best of times here and the company we are sharing the activities with is a grand part of all the fun.

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diane-j-m said...

Greg and Marilyn, as I told Joe, "you two are the people to hang with"! We could learn a lot from you both, not to mention are a lot of fun to be around! I sure hope are path's cross again in our adventures, and if not, I will be following you both on blogger so at least I can learn new stuff that way. Thanks so much for being so generous with your time and especially your yummy salmon!We reallt enjoyed our time with you both!