Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Fun Stuff...

March 11, I reported that the Hedgehogs would be the next cactus in line to start their bloom. Exactly a week later, sure enough, here they come:

The fact that the new catus started to bloom has nothing to do with the fact that desert weather can and will deteriorate whenever it darn well feels like it. Today the wind came up big time and so did the thunderstorms and the hail. It wasn't sooooo bad- just interesting. Check out the hail on top of the shade cloth to the salad patch.

Still, most days the heat comes up during the day and the heavenly night air blows cool and refreshing. Daytime requires, or at least makes a serious request for SHADE! So we added a shade cloth to the western part of the shade structure that we built (which by the way....WE LOVE!!!!) Some people however, choose to carry their shade with them and so the photo that follows is not all that terribly unusual....

And that hummingbird, hawk, sphinx moth guy has been coming around often. Fast little booger. Here is another photo, but this is taken on my "sports" fast mode so I don't know if I will ever get a stop action picture of the wings that carry this little angel over all the flowers.

The moth eats the nectar. Me? I like chicken. So we rotisserie-d our first ever chicken on our new grill and man o Manachevits ( no idea how to spell that one) was it good. We used our "flavor injector" to pump some rosemary and olive oil and butter under the skin.... scrumptious and moist to say the least. Here is the work in progress...

And my favorite moment of the week was this.... I flamingo-ed my neighbor a while back. In turn, Marilyn, bunny-rabbited my salad patch. But this week Tom and Michele "Kokopellied" the front of my coach where the saguaro and new plant station is being created. Kokopelli with golf clubs! Gag me with a spoon! I don't need no stinking fertility god in my yard, dear!

And that was the week that was.... Thanks for all the many wonderful and often creative birthday wishes, one and all!

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