Sunday, January 1, 2012

A December To Remember?

When we pulled into Arizona the end of the first week in December, we had a long list of things to accomplish in short order, and a powerful hankering to have some fun in the form of cookouts, trail rides, exploring new areas, and checking out the world's largest flea market- Quartzsite.

I was also looking forward to getting back to some reasonably responsible and regular posting -which I haven't been very good about recently. There was some rain the first few days in camp. Not the norm for here, but when all was said and done a double rainbow appeared and gave promise to a December to remember.

We quickly set out to accomplish our top priority- running a new water line and hooking up to a big water softener we dragged across the country with us. Trenches were dug, pipe was stuck, connections were made....and sure enough the system worked and made soft water of the well water here which is among the hardest in the world and is full of particulate that make it quite nasty without adequate treatment. This was a good start. Everything was right on schedule!

But about as soon as we wrapped up that project, I came down with an awful cough. Long and disgusting story made short- I went to see a doc in town and found out I had acute bronchitis. Steroid shots, a regimen of pills and some serious cough suppressant helped some but the problem still lingers. Marilyn fought off a cold of her own, but eventually succumbed to what in camp we are collectively calling "The Crud." We have it, but we are not alone! The misery index of the physical symptoms stayed with us and limited our ability to accomplish much else if anything all month. But it was still an interesting and special time. For starters, an illness of this nature is a much better experience in the west then it is, say, in the north east. You might be all congested and snotty and hacking away, but at least you can do it sitting outside in light weight clothing with the sunshine beating down on your face. You may not feel all that great, but there is at least something comforting about the circumstances....and there is no chance that when you breathe in or "blow out" that your fluids are gonna freeze on the spot, on your chin, your mustache or beard, whatever. It is A COLD, but it is in THE WARM. Something to be said for that!

One afternoon when we were sucking on cough drops and drinking Gatorade and drifting off on a mid-day nap, who should appear in their miniature sleigh, but Dandy Don and the Lovely Lady J- our dear friends and former neighbors from the Island of Roatan off the coast of Honduras. Never in a million years would we have anticipated a Christmas visitation from them, and it lifted our spirits and made an otherwise reasonably depressing day a very uplifting a special day to be sure. They were just "passing through the neighborhood" on the way to Phoenix, so it was short visit but one of the best ever surprises.

Over in the Happy Tuesday and Merry Christmas tent, the Brenda-blenda, Lynn, turned his focus from fresh squeezed lemonade drinks to ham and bean holiday soup. It was one awesome pot of viddles and we ate on it for the next three days. Our appetites have been seriously diminished by cold remedies, and our taste buds have been hampered by the same, but this was gooooood!

We stayed in the game through Christmas, but last night when it came to staying up to midnight for snacks and a New Year's toast with the gang, we totally crapped out. Our bad! Hopefully we can rally to help with the big pot of jambalaya for New Year's day. As far as the long list of Honey Do's- nothing, or at least not much got done. No energy. Not yet. Maybe soon? I did pick up some materials so if I can ever get to feeling like being active again, I'm ready.

Meanwhile the gang rides in and out of camp on long and exciting rides and all we can do is wave bye bye. That's gotta stop too!

In the past, I've always made a year end review and written it up with some stats and some recollections and some opinions and maybe a few conclusions about life in general. But this year? Consider yourself "spared...."

Until we feel better and have something to write about: Happy New Year Everyone!

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Donna K said...

Happy new year and hope you are feeling better soon. The description of being sick in colder climes was!