Friday, March 18, 2011

She-awatha's South West

Quite a few years back, Marilyn and I were visiting at the home of my parents. I recollect that my father was discussing with my mother what he hoped would become a contribution to one of the South West tribes of Native Americans. They had always loved this part of the country, had Arizona Highways magazine on the shelf ever since I was a kid, and had collected "Indian" artifacts for the museum dad was director of at the time. Not to mention that we as a family often went out hunting for arrowheads.

Without batting an eye or skipping a beat, Marilyn said, "Sam, did I ever tell you that my middle name is Hiawatha?"

Dad turned the phrase on her a bit and from that day on she was often referred to, lovingly of course, as "She-awatha."

So these are some of the shots from New Mexico and Arizona that were waiting to be used in She-awatha's pocket camera that sometimes goes on trips that the big camera doesn't make for one reason or another. It's a bit of a hodge podge, but some pretty good shots of things you may not have seen before, and certainly not through the same lens.... Oh, and a few shots from the birthday celebration Tom and I shared yesterday under the guise of St Patrick's Day!

The Best of She-awatha:

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