Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another New Blog Feature Map

As we head back south from Pennsylvania for a while, I've been working to catch up the blog postings and add some new features as I get a chance. I went nearly three weeks without adding anything on line owing to an eye infection- the treatment for which clouded my vision so much I found it extremely difficult to do anything on the computer that wasn't absolutely necessary. Antibiotics are wonderful, but when they are in cream form and you must put them in your eye to work- what a pain! Never take vision for granted!

Our trip toward the south again is so that we can hook up with the GPAA (Gold Prospectors of America) and do some prospecting with that organization in Georgia and North Carolina, and then again later, in South Carolina.

In preparation for those events, and because I really really like prospecting in general, I have added another tracking map on the left side of the posts, "States Where We Found Gold." There's only three right now, but hopefully there will be three more soon, and I have it in my head that I might just try to find gold in every state in much the same fashion as we hope to first visit every state. I got the idea to try that when we inadvertently found some gold in our pan in Florida- the state regarded as the most difficult place to find it. For now, I'm looking for 49 states. We'll deal with Hawaii later!

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Chris said...

Sounds like a good use for a google map! Then you could place a clickable link at the exact spot where you found gold, including pictures.
Take care of those eyes!