Thursday, April 3, 2008

Odie's Roadie-O or Battle of the Blogs

A last minute convergence of our Google mapping put us together for a couple nights with Jim and Chris Guld (Geeks on Tour) at Thousand Trails Orlando as we prepared to break out of Florida soon and head north. So we threw together some pot stickers and smoked turkey wings for some impromptu dining with them, the Cosmic Cousins, and some new friends who are blog readers of the Geeks (although we suspect it is Odie, the Guld's doggie, they really follow). A good time was had by all. We talked travel, blogs (Chris is "The Blogmeister"), finances, and a smattering of politics, just to keep it interesting.

If you follow the link above to Geekville and click on "blog" you will see some more photos and narrative of our visit. There is also a link to their web site at the head of this blog. You'll be given an opportunity on their site to sign up for a free newsletter that we highly recommend to anyone using a computer, but especially those challenged by using it on the road. Below is a shot of the whole gang getting ready to partake in Marilyn's extra special Maine/Alaska dessert- Moose Turd Pie. Good, though!

The Gulds used to write their blog under "Jim and Chris and Odie's Wonderful Life." They rapidly became known on the net as "Odie's Roadie's." Odie is one cool character - gentle little beasty with a free ranging spirit, a mind of his own, and both brave and curious beyond his years. In this incredible action shot, which for sure wins me the photo credit award in this week's Battle of the Blogs, Odie "herds" the Armadillo while we eat dinner. It's Odie's Roadies-O Show! Git along little doggie!

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Lisa said...

Never mind Odie & the armadillo--how about posting the Turd Pie recipe???