Monday, January 7, 2008

Animal Kingdom to Lake Hancock

Meet Abbie and Annie who rode the train to and from the parking lot at Animal Kingdom with us. Happy Birthday, Girls! Of all the face paintings we saw in the park, they had two of the best. While we enjoyed our day in the park, we think this is a kid's venue for sure. That's not a bad thing. Just IS.Fishing with bobbers looked like fun. You think it's Mickey, Goofy and Pluto, right. I'm thinkin' Larry, Jim and Rick.
Were it not for the palm trees, you might think this was one of our shots from Alaska. Actually, it's a roller coaster. Abbie and Annie took the ride. Greg and Marilyn did not!
The Tree of Life...
They gave me a drum, so I played a rousing rendition of Wipe Out...
My rhythm was not nearly so inspirational as the bongo group's. They had the large crowd moving and grooving and taught a few African moves and dances in the "Kilimanjaro Safari" inside the African village.There was a great 4-D movie called "It's Tough To Be A Bug." If you can get there, don't miss it.
In the past we have always taken our own picture wearing those goofy 3-D glasses and posted it on the blog. Not this time. Too Ugly! Just imagine it. Maybe next time.

At a more leisurely pace we took a paddle with the Cosmic Cousin Kayakers who are once again "living next door," this time at Thousand Trails, Orlando. The shots below are taken at Lake Hancock. Below, Bob and Susan...
and Susan and Marilyn.

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