Thursday, June 21, 2007

Welcome Aboard: RVThereYet

We extend a hearty welcome to the people, the readers, the campgrounds, and the users of this up and coming on-line RV park Directory Service: RVTHEREYET. For some of our readers on the road, there may be some interesting "camp4free" opportunities with them and we invite you to check them out when you can. It's a very uniquely interactive site.
For anyone new who would like to follow along with our adventure, our aim is to introduce you to some of the more interesting people and places that we find along the way, and to provide some perspective on things that matter in life. We ARE NOT a "we are here and and we did this" travel site- although there is by definition some of that to the extent necessary. In any event, please read a few posts and see if we might be able to hook up with you along life's often surprising path... and welcome aboard!
Presently we are among the featured blogs linked to on their site. Check us both out!
You will find a new link to them on the left hand side of the blog whenever you need it....

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